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"A successful landscape design should do more than beautify an outdoor space - it should also complement the building, adding value to the property, and provide extra living space or habitat for wildlife. If it also follows sustainable principles, you've got a winning combination", Debbie MacDonald April 2010 (ABC Gardening Australia Magazine).

Greenbuild 2009 and the associated Resential Summit held during October in Phoenix attracted 28,000 delegates attending LEED accredited educational sessions, workshops & presentations. This was supported by 1500+ trade exhibitors showcasing sustainable action from living roofs to engineering & design solutions based on biomimicry.

Gross feed-in-tariff electricity meters are now available in NSW, Australia. I have provided my financial solar payback example for reference.


Discarded waste - this picture tells a thousands words. If discarded waste containers and packaging can end up on remote picturesque islands, then ecosystems everywhere are at risk unless business embraces Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).

I love my KeepCup. I take it on business or just meeting a friend at the local cafe. My KeepCup is made from pure materials and helps me to do my part to minimise landfill waste. Michael at Manly's FusionPoint Cafe always cracks a smile when he sees me with it.

Sustainability is Blue, is the new Green



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