7 Steps of Sustainable Action

The following 7 Steps of Sustainable Action are based on my values and positioning. These 7 Steps can be further defined by ecometrics, including the monitoring of intensities to factor in growth and contractions where applicable. The basic premise of the following 7 Steps is that initiating such simple and clear action is better than the status quo.


  1. Landscapes that reflect natural environments with generous planting of native flora.

  2. Eco-effective homes & workplaces that conserve space, water, electricity, & gas via uptake of energy efficient solutions & behavioural change, and the harnessing of sunlight, rain & breeze. Elimination of waste & reuse of materials. Green homes and workplaces are the preferred environments that people spend their quality time.

  3. Grid-connect photovoltaic solar energy from the sun able to power homes & business.

  4. Fuel efficient cars of reduced weight capable of <5L/100km, emit <120g CO2/km, and halve travel. Zero emission cars and fuel efficient trucks by 2015.

  5. Communities that encourage people to walk, ride, and use local transport when travelling to work or supporting local shops & markets. Businesses & workplaces that integrate identities with community values and support local cultures.

  6. Distributed energy & water supplies within cities which are scalable to changing demographics.

  7. Conversion to a Service Economy by commercialising services based upon long-lasting products that are amenable to recycling in closed-loop material flows.

Benefits: clean air, healthy rivers, productive soils, diverse flora & fauna, & vibrant cities.