Sustain450 is a boutique service that focuses on people and behaviour, providing solutions that can be easily implemented in the home and workplace. In the home, our web directory matches consumer spending with sustainable products and services via a series of Eco-Contribution tables. David Burns has his eyes firmly on the horizon, testing the latest sustainable ideas and providing strategy to optimise projects. Our expertise is in waste elimination, energy efficiency, renewables, resource productivity, and optimisation of business results.

At Sustain450, we believe that businesses and home owners are ready to take the next step to improve the environment and the community by adopting the Seven Steps of Sustainability. Market sectors most amenable to signiificant improvements in waste elimination, energy efficiency, and resource productivity are Buildings, Transport, Industry, and Electricity. The benefits are lower operating costs which provide the incentive in becoming sustainable.

Director David Burns says "Sustainable communities develop happier lifestyles, and assemble inspiring workplaces that will provide the eco-effective solutions of the tomorrow", as economies collaborate to ensure that average temperatures do not increase by more than 2 degrees celcius, which corresponds to a carbon dioxide equivalent concentration of 450 parts per million in the atmoshere by the year 2050.

The fundamentals of Sustainability is not Green, it is Blue.




You can benefit from David Burns and Sustain450 if you are interested in:

  • Sustainable Homes
  • Sustainable Business & Workplaces (SME)
  • Energy Efficiency & Renewables (Design & Retrofit)


    Sustain450 offers a referral network with leading experts in the following fields:

    • Home Energy & Water Audits
    • Legal
    • Restoration of contaminated sites, including habitat regeneration
    • Certification
    • Philanthropy