Home & Lifestyle Values

1. BIODIVERSITY - prioritise native landscapes that restore indigenous habitat, and attract/ protect local wildlife.

       How ?

       1. Mass planting of indigenous tube stock/ nursery grown native plants (low water and maintenance).

       2. Select natives that flower & seed year round (food for wildlife & visual stimulants for gardeners).

       3. Introduce water element to attract native wildlife.

       4. Avoid pesticides. Apply compost and worm wee to keep landscape healthy.

2. WATER - is an essential resource for all living things. Water efficiency & harvesting shall be prioritised, not wasted.

      How ?

      1. Select water efficient appliances with high star ratings (ie. smart flush toilets, washing machine, dish washer,
          kitchen tap with trigger handle, shower-heads & taps).

      2. Flush toilets with treted greywater/ rainwater.

      3. Water garden with rainwater. No turf, swales and 50-100mm mulch to trap surfae water/ ratain soil moisture.

      4. Drinking water is supplied by water authority (health priority: high cost to capture, treat, distribute).

3. ENERGY - live within our natural solar budget for electricity & heating needs.

      How ?

      1.  Monitor efficient energy consumption, then match with renewables (photovoltaic grid-connect solar electricity).

      2. Maximise cross ventilation using lourves, ceiling fans, thermal mass (concrete floors and 30% walls).

      3. Insulate roof, walls, and floorspaces with correct R-ratings. Maximise external wall shading with large eaves.

      4. Heat home with hydronic floor heating (gas - solar thermal boosted).

4. HOME DESIGN - assign an expert who can make the space become our preferred place to share with friends & famiy.

       How ?

       1. Sustainable home must be <250/280m2, and integrate natural landscape elements.

       2. Plan lifestyle areas that connect inside & outside areas.

       3. Use ceiling height to create the illusion of space.

       4. Utilise natural light and solar access.

5. BUILDING MATERIALS - prioritise recycling & reuse. Avoid harmful chemicals.
      How ?

      1. Avoid copper, chromium, arsenic (CCA) treated timbers.

      2. Reuse of origan & hardwood timbers for decking frame work and western screening element.

      3. Sourcing of seconds appliances & fittings, for example: oven & garage door.

      4. Excuvated sandstone rubble used in water wise garden beds (sandstone is a natural moisture retainer).

6. MONITORING - good choices are founded by measurement, and provide an opportunity to save.

       How ?

       1. All utilities shall be monitored in real time to provide accurate consumption data (electricty, water, gas).