Climate Changes Skeptic, Cynics, and Supporters
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Climate Changes Skeptic, Cynics, and Supporters

Our beliefs on Climate Change separate us into three groups: Skeptics, Cynics, and Supporters. VIEW YouTube debate between Lord Monckton and Rupert Rosner NOW.

According to Verdantix Sustainability and Climate Change business research, equity analysts divide us into three groups: Skeptics (28%), Cynics (30%), and Supporters (30%). Undefined 12%.

I am a supporter, and have adjusted my lifestyle accordingly, refer to my Values and 7 Steps of Sustainability. I prefer to listen to scientists and their evidence. However, it is important to include debate.

Climate Change debate on ABC Melbourne radio (Feb 2010) between skeptic Lord Monckton and supporter Rupert Posner.

: YouTube 1 of 3 (8.05 mins).

: YouTube 2 0f 3 (8.06 mins).

  : YouTube 3 of 3 (8.07mins).


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