Sustainable Words Matter when advocating Sustainability
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Sustainable Words Matter when advocating Sustainability

Sustainable Words Matter according to UK PR company Futerra who funded a study by OnEarth. This study identifies words that work.

Sustainable words matter when advocating sustainability according to UK company Futerra. "Words bring ideas alive, make new concepts familiar, and can change the way we see the world. Marketers, journalists, and those in the media are acutely aware of the importance of words". Research by OnEarthresearch, demonstrated that those promoting sustainability typically cobble together cluncky terminology based on a connection to science, economics, and environmentalism. If sustainability is to become a persausive vision that can convert skeptics into supporters, then a new language incorporating sustainable words that work.

What the study discovered

Sustainable words matter a lot, common sense matters, humour doesnt hurt, guilt shuts us down, we follow surrounding behaviour rather than making isolated decisons, consummers prefer smart & savy rather than efficient, and actions speak louder than words.

For Example, "Second Chance Rubbish" gives waste a personality, and can be associated with upcycling such as "Vintage Clothing".

STILL TO TEST, "Landfill Bin" rather than "Recycling Bin".

Interestingly, this sustainable words study seemed to demonstrate that the community ignores words such as "Resources Efficiency" and " Energy Efficiency", even though these words offer very good technical definitions for B2B and industry.

David Burns is a Sustainability Advisor and Analyst, www.sustain450.com.au

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