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The new BMW 3 Series gets huge energy efficient transformation, get ready to see it hit roads from 2012.

Discarded waste - this picture tells a thousands words. If discarded waste containers and packaging can end up on remote picturesque islands, then ecosystems everywhere are at risk unless business embraces Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).

Sustainability is Blue, is the new Green



I love my KeepCup. I take it on business or just meeting a friend at the local cafe. My KeepCup is made from pure materials and helps me to do my part to minimise landfill waste. Michael at Manly's FusionPoint Cafe always cracks a smile when he sees me with it.

NSW electricity prices are expected to increase by up to 42% by 2013, depending upon retailer and region. Are you ready and do you know how to minimise your electricity bills?

Did you know that there have been 267 major oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico since 1960? Each of these spills has released more than 34 tons of oil into the environment. Our obsession with oil is one of my greatest concerns. We all should share responsibility for this.

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