Energy Efficient BMW 3 Series on the Way
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Energy Efficient BMW 3 Series on the Way

The new BMW 3 Series gets huge energy efficient transformation, get ready to see it hit roads from 2012.

New BMW 3 series spyshots of the all new BMW 3 Series promises fantastic energy efficient features. Get ready for its appearance on roads from 2012.

According to Hearld Sun journalist Paul Glover, the all new BMW 3 Series is expected to include an active hybrid drive with a new energy efficient three-cylinder engine connected to an electric powerpack, rolling on special low resistance tyres and low drag wheels, featuring regenerative braking as used in F1 racing, an engine stop-start system to save fuel, and a pre-heater for the engine, gearbox and differential to cut emissions during the critical first few minutes of driving.

Would I buy the new BMW 3 series? Although it does not satisfy my personal goal of owning a zero emission car by 2015, I would be very tempted to upgrade our current 3 Series Beemer purchased from BMW Brookvale.

Finally, the BIG car manufacturers are being led by the best !


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