Rocky Mountain Institute sponsor 'Reinventing Fire'
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Rocky Mountain Institute sponsor 'Reinventing Fire'

The Rocky Mountain Institute has just announced that its National Solutions Council has choosen 'Reinventing Fire' as the 2010 project initiative.

According to RMI's Chairman, Peter Boyer, "Reinventing Fire is the grand synthesis that pulls together RMI's 27 years of intellectual capital around energy efficiency and renewable energy. It is also the foundation of RMI's newly refined strategic focus to speed the United States transition away from fossil fuels".

The Rocky Mountain Institute, led by Chief Scientist Amory Lovins, will allocate sponsorship donations towards removing barriers that impede the deployment of energy efficiency and renewables on a large scale. RMI's focus is to provide leadership with the goal of displacing fossil fuel consumption by 2050 in the United States. RMI intends to identify business models and policies that will need to be created to overcome such significant transitional barriers.

The Rocky Mountain Institute is supported by a National Solutions Council (+500 members) that brings together people who are committed to the understanding, supporting, and promoting RMI's work to create transformational change for the next generation.

The Rocky Mountain Institute is planning several seminars in the United States during 2010, with hosting cities likely to be San Francisco (mid year), New York and Washington DC (Oct-Nov).


David Burns is a Sustainability Advisor & Analyst, and RMI NCS member, www.sustain450.com.au


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