Sustainable Homes - where do I start?
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Sustainable Homes - where do I start?

Sustainable home owners typically possess a comprehensive appreciation of where our energy & water come from. Leading architects MISHO & ASSOCIATES, and CAROLINE PIDCOCK each present an affordable design, that respects water, energy, and building resources. VIEW THE IMAGES.

Sustainable homes and environmental design are the buzz words of our time and are constantly in the minds of many home owners and families. Sustainable homes make most people feel good about themselves, contribute significantly to the environment, and reduces home expenses - all great reasons for adoption. However, when it is decision time at the start of a new build or renovation, why do so many of us throw our sustainable home ideas out the window? Sustainable homes are no longer simple spaces pulled together with timber palings and chicken wire. Instead, sustainable homes offer technology and design that compliment all styles from heritage to contempory. Finding solutions and skilled professionals who can offer competent advice and deliver an affordable sustainable home design is the area that poses the greatest uncertainty, and the reason for dissapointment.

Architects like MISHO & ASSOCIATES and CAROLINE PIDCOCK recently featured by Green Magazine with 18 of Australia's best architects offering sustainable home design both possess deep understandings of sustainability and application to the way we live in Australia. View Misho's Design and Pidcock's Design here.

A sustainable home is best initiated by defining your personal values. Personal values can be developed once an understanding of where our energy comes from is acknowleged - read this perspective from a sustainable house day website fan.

In the end, it is all about choosing the right architect or designer and sharing your values that are founded upon a realistic understanding of our impact on the environment, community, and a design that is affordable and scalable.


David Burns is a Sustainability Advisor and Analyst,

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