KeepCups - TakeAway Coffee
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KeepCups - TakeAway Coffee

I love my KeepCup. I take it on business or just meeting a friend at the local cafe. My KeepCup is made from pure materials and helps me to do my part to minimise landfill waste. Michael at Manly's FusionPoint Cafe always cracks a smile when he sees me with it.

Lovers of coffee now have a fantastic alternative to the recycled cardboard takeaway cup that ends up in council managed bins. It's called a KeepCup and it can travel with you wherever you go.

My well-travelled KeepCup has been to the following cities and done its small part to help me achieve one of my seven steps of sustainability and lessen landfill waste.

1. San Francisco - 2009

2. Pheonix - 2009

3. Hanoi - 2010

4. Maldives 'W' resort - 2010

5. Singapore - 2010

6. Heron Island - 2010

7. Manly Beach regular every morning.

What I love about my KeepCup is its fantastic design, great feel, and has a simple labeling band to help the barista remember my order.


Question? Have you got a KeepCup, and if so, where have you taken it too?


David Burns is a sustainability advisor and analyst,


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