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Excessive packaging is a huge community problem, especially for local landfills funded by council rate-payers struggling to cope with unnecessary packaging. Singapore Airlines and Westpac are the latest corporates to demonstrate their ignorance when it comes to displaying their community waste responsibilies.

What would it take for federal Liberal leader and my local member Tony Abbott to get my vote at the 2010 Australian federal election?

Does Tony Abbott and the Australian Liberal party support energy efficiency & renewables?

I love my KeepCup. I take it on business or just meeting a friend at the local cafe. My KeepCup is made from pure materials and helps me to do my part to minimise landfill waste. Michael at Manly's FusionPoint Cafe always cracks a smile when he sees me with it.

Green Cars provide better feul efficiency by incorporating hybrid petrol/ electric engines, low emission diesel, or EV drive-trains compared to traditional vehicles. Expect the SMART ForTwo EV to appear in AUS within 3-4 years.

If You think China is NOT Serious about Renewable Energy, You Better Read This! China gets serious about solar electricity as it shapes its domestic energy supply networks.

Where does passive design, energy efficiency, renewables, fossil fuels, and nuclear fit into the energy solution? VIEW TED debate on YouTube NOW.

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