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"A successful landscape design should do more than beautify an outdoor space - it should also complement the building, adding value to the property, and provide extra living space or habitat for wildlife. If it also follows sustainable principles, you've got a winning combination", Debbie MacDonald April 2010 (ABC Gardening Australia Magazine).

Sustainable Words Matter according to UK PR company Futerra who funded a study by OnEarth. This study identifies words that work.

The Rocky Mountain Institute has just announced that its National Solutions Council has choosen 'Reinventing Fire' as the 2010 project initiative.

NSW electricity prices are expected to increase by up to 42% by 2013, depending upon retailer and region. Are you ready and do you know how to minimise your electricity bills?

Read the Verdantix research report on what type of person is best suited to be a Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO). Are you a potential CSO candidate?

Excessive packaging is a huge community problem, especially for local landfills funded by council rate-payers struggling to cope with unnecessary packaging. Singapore Airlines and Westpac are the latest corporates to demonstrate their ignorance when it comes to displaying their community waste responsibilies.

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