China Sets Bold Renewable Target for 2020
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China Sets Bold Renewable Target for 2020

If You think China is NOT Serious about Renewable Energy, You Better Read This! China gets serious about solar electricity as it shapes its domestic energy supply networks.

China has set an audacious goal to build a network of solar electricity stations across the country and become the world's largest renewable energy and solar electricity producer. China intends to generate a total of 10 gigawatts (GW) of solar electricity by 2020. Putting this into perspective, the world's current total solar electricity generating capacity is approximately 6 GW. Imagine the effect if China undertakes similar growth in wind production! The Chinese solar electrcity goal is akin to former US President Kennedy's commitment to putting man on the moon within ten years. Many experts feel that there will be a renewables race between China & the US to establish the strongest Green economy and reduce all of the RISKS associated with oil dependancy. Although Australia would struggle to compete with China in this renewable race based on total solar electricity generated, Australia could set an equivalent renewable goal based on a per-capita target. Likewise, this would set the basis for Australia to have an achievable and audacious solar electricity goal for one of the world's most SUN blessed countries.

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